Construction Tips

Is Your Cannabis Store Secure?

If our experience building 15+ retail cannabis stores in western Canada has taught us anything, it's that store security is paramount to a successful build. Adequate store security is not only a regulated requirement, it is a key factor in protecting your staff and your business. We tend to focus on three important factors of the build:

  1. Secure storage of cannabis.
  2. Security cameras.
  3. Alarm monitoring.

Secure Storage of Cannabis

Many provinces will have strict regulations on where and how to store cannabis. The most common form of enhanced physical security is through construction of a secure cannabis storage room. This is achieved through the addition of flattened metal mesh and/or sheet metal to the walls of the room before drywall application. The premise for this construction was taken from the RCMP requirements for a secure evidence rooms.

RCMP Critical Attack Wall Specification
RCMP Critical Attack Wall Specification

Camera System

High quality recording with a large storage capacity is very important to maintaining security. We ensure all cameras for retail cannabis stores have the capability to record 60 days of high definition video at a rate of 10 frames-per-second. Make sure that the video recorder is protected by additional physical security such as a locked box. It is also important to test angles for entry/exit monitoring, overlap for blind spot reduction, and exterior coverage. The AGLC, Alberta's regulatory body for retail cannabis, provides a list of areas to monitor that we use as the standard for all areas.

Alarm System

Commercial grade alarm systems should be used in all retail cannabis stores. It is important to map out your store and strategically place alarm features. At minimum, we generally include the following:

  • Motion detectors in all rooms.
  • Door contacts on exterior doors and secure cannabis room door.
  • Panic buttons at each point of sale location.
  • Glass break sensors near windows.

It is worth discussing additional features with your security provider, for high risk areas we add items such as security fog machines.

If you have further questions about constructing your retail cannabis store please don't hesitate to contact us!