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Our Story

President Jeff Richards formed Innova in 2014 with the intention of improving the client-contractor model by creating long term, high value relationships with each of our clients. Over the years we have developed these relationships through strong project management fundamentals and an active understanding of our clients project goals.

Jeff Richards - Construction Management

From our roots in Calgary, Innova has grown to serve individuals and businesses across Western Canada. Right beside us, we have had the pleasure of watching our commercial construction clients grow from small operations to multi-provincial chains.

Our Approach

Innova operates with the belief that there is always room for improvement. As a result of this belief we are continuously adapting new ideas, new technology, and new processes to ensure that our clients get a state of the art product. Innova approaches every project with five core fundamentals:


Our experienced team is the driver behind the success of each project and a key component in Innova’s track record of client satisfaction. We strive to take lessons from everything we do and apply them towards continually improving project processes and end results.


One of most important core values is that we will endeavor to perform our work at maximum productivity with minimal expenditure of time and resources. By challenging industry norms through progress tracking technology and advanced scheduling applications we are able to complete projects quicker while saving money for our clients.


Our guest portal allows clients to track progress, review safety documentation, and ask questions about their project. We are also happy to personally meet and go over anything about the project at anytime.


Our team thrives on finding construction and design solutions that will make your project a success. Our strength is in challenges, whether it be tight budgets or out of the box ideas, we have the tools to make it happen.


All of our projects are managed using a strict quality control process. We use detailed quality checklists and perform regular inspections to ensure every project exceeds our client’s expectations.

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